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12 mm Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Tamilnadu, India. Manufacturer, Supplier of 12 mm knitted tapes for garment factory, clothing manufacturers, buying office and for garment buyer. we make 12 mm knitted tape in polyester dyed yarn using various colours, designs and sizes. these knitted tapes are used for garment, t-shirt as a back neck tape, on the plackets and on shoulder as a decorative and for branding. best knitted tape manufacturer in global. more about 12 mm knitted tape manufacturer 12 mm Knitted Tape Manufacturer, 12 mm Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, 12 mm Cotton Knitted Tape Manufacturer, 12 mm Garment Tape Manufacturer, 12 mm Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer
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Manufacturer, Supplier of Knitted Tapes We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Knitted Tapes, Tapes, Twill Tape, Herringbone Tape, Grosgrain Tape, Cotton Tape, Polyester Tape, Raschel Tape, Knit Tape, Garment Tape, G Tape, W Tape, V Tape, Stripes Tape, Jacquard Tape, Name Tape, Logo Tape, Furniture Tape, Cotton Knitted Tape, Polyester Knitted Tape, Neon Tape, Coloured Tape, Plain Tape, Garment Trims, Woven Tape, Elastic, Rope, Twisted Rope, Braided Rope, Tubular Rope, Tassels, Flat Rope, Twist Rope, Drawcord. our tape & rope manufacturing factory located in Tirupur, India. More about knitted tape manufacturer Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Twill Tape Manufacturer, Rope Manufacturer, Drawcord Manufacturer
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Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata we have knitted tape manufacturing factory and we make this knitted tapes for garment manufacturer, garment exporter and for traders. this tape is manufactured using 100% polyester yarn with high quality knitting to have a great look. this tape is very soft to have on shirt neck, sleeves, plackets. we can make this knitted stripe tape in multiple colour, size and design. quality polyester knitted tape manufacturer in tirupur. more about polyester knitted tapes manufacturer Polyester Knitted Tapes Manufacturer, Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Raschel Tape Manufacturer, Raschel Knit Tape Manufacturer, Garment Tape Manufacturer
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Neon Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata our tape manufacturing factory make neon colour knitted tape for garment buyers, buying house and for garment manufacturer. this tape manufactured using 100% polyester neon colours to have a bright look. this bright colour knitted tape is used on the garment to have catchy appearance. we have orange, green, pink, orange colour neon polyester yarns to make this neon knit tape. we can make plain, multi colour stripe knitted tape using these colour yarns. quality neon colour knitted tape manufacturer in Tirupur. more about neon knitted tape manufacturer Neon Knit Tape Manufacturer, Bright Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Bright Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Coloured Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Plain Knitted Tape Manufacturer
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Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Tamilnadu, India stripe knitted tapes are manufactured in our tape manufacturing factory for garment company, buying office, buyers, traders. this stripe tape is used as a accessory on the garment to have great look and branding for the garment. this stripe knit tape is manufactured in polyester or cotton yarn in variety of colour, size and design. this multi colour knitted tape is perfect trim for garments. best knitted stripe tape manufacturer. more about stripe knitted tape manufacturer Striped Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Dyed Yarn Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Knit Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Garment Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Raschel Tape Manufacturer, Multi Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Striped Tape Manufacturer