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Lurex Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Supplier. our knitted tape manufacturing factory make 100% polyester dyed colour yarn + silver lurex knitted tape for garment exporters, buyer, buying offices. this lurex knitted tape is made using purple, light blue, dark green, silver lurex colour yarn. we can customize this knitted tape as per our buyer required size, design, colour. these are mainly used for garment collar neck tape, shoulder tape, pant side piping tape. quality lurex knitted tape manufacturer. more about lurex knitted tape manufacturer Lurex Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Knitted Tape Exporter, Lurex Knitted Tape Supplier, Lurex Knitted Tape Producer, Fancy Knitted Tape Manufacturer
Neon Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata our tape manufacturing factory make neon colour knitted tape for garment buyers, buying house and for garment manufacturer. this tape manufactured using 100% polyester neon colours to have a bright look. this bright colour knitted tape is used on the garment to have catchy appearance. we have orange, green, pink, orange colour neon polyester yarns to make this neon knit tape. we can make plain, multi colour stripe knitted tape using these colour yarns. quality neon colour knitted tape manufacturer in Tirupur. more about neon knitted tape manufacturer Neon Knit Tape Manufacturer, Bright Colour Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Bright Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Coloured Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Plain Knitted Tape Manufacturer
Lurex Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Supplier. we have knitted tape manufacturing factory and we make this stripe knitted tape using lurex, polyester dyed yarn. these lurex stripe knitted tape for garment manufacturer, garment factory, buyers, buying offices. this tape is made using 100% polyester dyed light pink, dark pink, purple colour yarn with gold lurex, silver lurex and also we can make this in customer required colour, size and design. these are custom made as per our customer requirement. quality dyes are used to dye these tape yarns and it will pass all testing parameters. these tapes are used for neck, placket, shoulder, rib, cut and sew, side panel, track pant panel, piping on the garment. quality knitted tape manufacturer. more about knitted tape manufacturer Lurex Stripe Knitted Tapes Manufacturer, Lurex Stripe Knitted Tapes Supplier, Lurex Stripe Knitted Tapes Exporter, Lurex Stripe Knitted Tapes Producer, Lurex Stripe Raschel Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Stripe Garment Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Stripe Knit Rib Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Stripe Knit Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Polyester Stripe Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Lurex Stripe Tape Manufacturer