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Knitted Tape Manufacturer in Tirupur Design Textile is manufacturing an exclusive range of Knitted Tapes with high durability and performance. we satisfy the current industrial requirements with our high quality knitted tape with an added advantage over other type of woven tapes. We can offer these knitted types of tapes as per the individual requirements with a huge quantity. we manufacture knitted tapes in so many designs, Knits, Length and pattern with meet the requirement of current industry efficiently. quality knitted tape manufacturer in india. more about knitted tape manufacturer Cotton Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Cotton Knitted Tape, Polyester Knitted Tape, Spun Polyester Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Spun Polyester Knitted Tape, Raschel Knitted Tape Manufacturer, Raschel Knitted Tape, Raschel Tape Manufacturer, Raschel Tape
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